updated 5:23 PM IST, May 20, 2015
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City of Downey in California to be twinned as Sister City with Roscommon

The City of Downey in California is to be twinned as a Sister City with Co Roscommon.

The City of Downey was named after Roscommon native John Gately Dooney who was born in south Roscommon in 1827, and emigrated to the US in 1842.

He was elected to Los Angeles City Council and later became Governor – the first Irish man to hold the prestigious post.

Last year, a resolution was passed at a special meeting of Downey City Council, proclaiming Co Roscommon as a Sister City of Downey, and a delegation from the US city will visit Roscommon next month to sign the Sister Cities Twinning Charter.

The delegation, including the Mayor of Downey, will arrive in Roscommon on 22nd May and will spend 8 days touring Roscommon and taking part in celebrations for The Hathering around the county.

Details of the twinning arrangement will be announced by the Mayor of  Roscommon Councillor Tom Crosby at today’s monthly meeting of the authority.

Councillor Crosby says the twinning with Downey City will be of significant economic and tourism benefit into the future.